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With a huge selection of key cutting machines, including the latest technologies, that are all mounted-trucked on a widespread fleet throughout Austin, Texas, we can arrive anywhere and replace any key on-site at the highest quality, whether for vehicles, homes, or commercial properties. We make keys for any lock, including high-tech and high-security ones. Get in touch with key Austin, TX, when it comes to key replacement and duplication services.

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Locked Out Due To Losing/Breaking The Key!

Fast arrival and immediate solutions are needed when it comes to these urgent cases without ignoring the professional standards in providing these speedy emergency services; that is why key Austin, TX is the locksmith company in Austin, Texas, that has to be mentioned and called at these troubles. We are well-located all over the city with fully-equipped trucks, coming directly into any client location, arriving in 20 minutes at maximum, having all the needed to cut and make any key of any lock that will be at the same quality as the original one.

Around the clock, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, we are on the service; so whenever it is the day or night, a working day or a public holiday/weekend, a sunny day or a windy midnight, we will be on the service, reaching in the exact estimated time with our mobile workshops for on-the-spot high-quality key replacement and duplication service. If the key is stuck/broken in the door, do not worry; we have special advanced keys to extract this key from the cylinder and do the required repair and replace the key as fast as possible.

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Key Austin TX

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Professional Technicians

Our highly trained locksmiths can service all your security concerns, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

Competitive Prices

Along with our competitive prices, we offer fast and efficient services, for all your security needs.

Fast Response

We value your time & business, so we guarantee you an exceptional Fast Response 24/7.

100% Guaranteed

We are devoted to offering you an outstanding service the thing that makes us offer 100% guarantee.

	Key Austin TX - Car Key Services
Roadside Round-The Clock Car Key Services

For All Auto Brands & Models At The Best Quality

From now, you do not have to wait for a long time and pay a high price to get an auto key cut and programmed from the dealership. No more hassle of the towing service, and there is no need to contact those local locksmith companies with not enough experience, create the keys at unrespectful quality, and blackmail the drivers with high prices. No, our dear client, there is no more mess when needing to get any car key made, including the transponders, fobs, ignition keys, keyless remotes, and even more; we can come anywhere you are in Austin, TX, with our mobile workshops that include a wide range of laser car key cutting equipment, auto key programming, blanks, spares, and all needed tools for making the keys, all are designed for all auto models and brands and the same as utilized by the dealerships.

That is why we can make, program, duplicate, reprogram, repair, and key any vehicle at the dealership's quality on the roadside. Our auto key replacement services at key Austin, TX, are available around the clock, coming fast in 20 minutes to make any key of the highest quality; we cover all domestic and foreign vehicle names, including not limited to; Jeep, Dodge, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Buick, Lincoln, Cadillac, Chevrolet/ Chevy, Lexus, Pontiac, Nissan, Acura, Mercury, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Kia, GM, Subaru, Hyundai, Chrysler, and even more.

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24 Hours Mobile Locksmith Service

High-Quality Master Key Services

Mater keys allow you to enforce access control at the commercial property with only one key, whatever the number of the locks; This system can be customized for various security clearance levels; certain keys can work for designated rooms (and not others) - while staff or other designated individuals will have a key that can open ALL doors.

We at key Austin TX, can install this high-tech system with high-security locks for your house ,car and office providing complete security for the property. If a master key replacement or duplication system is needed, we can offer the highest quality for homes and businesses.

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